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[ RETURN TO HOME PAGE ][ VIEW OUR CATALOG ][ CYCLE LIST PAGE ][ INFO ABOUT US ][ CONTACT US VIA EMAIL ][ OUR FAVORITE LINKS ] [ WARRANTY ] People often spend extra money for extra quality.  Designer sunglasses, gold watches, fancy shoes... quality products  which actually don't perform better than than their lower-priced alternatives.  That's ok. But to a real long-distance motorcycle rider, there's a much more important part of the anatomy than wrists, eyes and feet.  It's the BUTT!

Even the most expensive motorcycle is supplied with a factory-stock seat that was built only for the "average" rider.  One-size-fits-all.  And our happy clients found out all too soon that they are NOT average.  Sore legs, sore back, numb tailbone, and other discomforts are common among bikers.

And that's where DIAMOND CUSTOM SEATS comes in.  For more than 41 years, we've been building high-quality, high-comfort seats for the serious rider.  And our list of enthusiastic customers, as well as our product line, is enormous.  Each custom seat is built to your own personal dimensions, and your passenger's, using the finest materials to guarantee you a lifetime of long-distance comfort.

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Your butt will thank you... for miles and miles. Click here to read a seat comparison article in Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine.

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